Plenary sessions

Monday 26th – 9:30 – 10:30. Room Auditorium – Chair M. Ferrante
Michael A. Trick
Twelve Years of Scheduling Major League Baseball Teams and Umpires

Monday 26th – 14:00 – 15:00. Room Auditorium – Chair: D. Goossens
Fabrizio Renzi
Innovative usage of cognitive solutions and analytics for Sport

Tuesday 27th – 9:00 – 10:00. Room Auditorium – Chair: R. Stefani
Gerhard Tutz
Explaining Success in Sports Competitions: Paired Comparison

Wednesday 28th – 14:00 – 15:00. Room Auditorium – Chair: P. Scarf
Nicola Parolini
Mathematical models for sport: America's Cup, Olympic Rowing and more

Parallel Sessions

Monday 26 June - 11.00-12.30

Session 1.A - Modeling and simulation. Room Emiciclo - Chair: G. Fonseca

K. Jackson
Using Player Quality And Injury Profiles To Simulate Results In Australian Football

C. Frankland, G. Hunter
A Statistical Investigation on Factors Influencing the Results of One Day Internationals in Cricket

A. Patel, P. Bracewell, J. Wells
Real time measurement of individual influence in T20 cricket

M. Asif, I. McHale
Estimating margin of victory in Twenty-20 International Cricket

Session 1.B - Prediction. Room Auditorium - Chair: L. De Giovanni

G. Ward, S. Kovalchik
Choosing a playing schedule in professional men's tennis

C. Liti, V. Piccialli, M. Sciandrone
Predicting soccer match outcome using machine learning algorithms.

A. Owen
The Application of Hurdle Models to Accurately Model 0-0 Draws in Predictive Models of Football Match Outcomes

Monday 26 June - 15.00-16.00

Session 2.A - Analysis of Play. Room Emiciclo - Chair: F. Spieksma

S. Sarkar
Paradox of Crosses in Football (Soccer) - A Game-Theoretic Explanation

D. Perdomo Meza
Flow Network Motifs Applied to Soccer Passing Data

R. Koning, L. van Steen
Red cards: (mis)carriage of justice?

Session 2.B - Tournaments and Scheduling. Room Auditorium - Chair: P. Zuccolotto

J. Schönberger
The Championship Timetabling Problem - Construction and Justification of Test Cases

D. Goossens, J. Kyngäs, K. Nurmi, N. Kyngäs
Scheduling the Australian Football League

J. Guyon
What a fairer 24 team UEFA Euro could look like

Tuesday 27 June - 10.00-11.00

Session 3.A - Data analysis and fitness. Room Emiciclo - Chair: F. Lisi

D. Meyer, S. Muir, M. Weerasinghe, D. Ho, O. Sackett
Evaluation of a corporate physical activity program to foster well-being using mixed methods

F. Lisi, F. Matteazzi
A follow-up study of the issue of i.i.d. points in tennis

M. Klimczyk
Determination of sport results based on special fitness of pole vaulters ages 12 and 17

Session 3.B - Performance and data analysis. Room Auditorium - Chair: S. Kovalchik

T. Syme
The Nappy Factor in Golf: The Effect of Children upon the Sporting Performance of Professional Golfers

K. Marshall
The effect of leadership on AFL team performance

M. Angonese, F. Cardin, P. Ferrandi
Performance evaluation of volleyball serve using dynamical models of flight trajectory

Tuesday 27 June - 11.30-12.30

Session 4.A - Performance and data analysis. Room Emiciclo - Chair: L. Salmaso

U. Damodaran, S. Damodaran, R.Chowdhuri
Value Added As A Measure For Analyzing Batting Performance In Odi Cricket

D. Karlis, I. Ntzoufras, V. Manasis
On the stochastic nature of indices of competitive balance

D. Mon, A. Díaz
Which one has more influence in female air pistol performance: experience or training?

Session 4.B - Strategy. Room Auditorium - Chair: P. Vidoni

S. Hoffmeister, J. Rambau
Strategy optimization in beach-volleyball -- applying a two scale approach to the Olympic games

M. Guillot, G. Stauffer
Optimizing a Golfer's strategy with MDPs

D. Arosio, P. G. Ferrandi, P. Mariani
Real time forecast of volleyball offensive strategy using machine learning techniques

Tuesday 27 June - 14.00-15.30

Session 5.A - Modeling and simulation. Room Emiciclo - Chair: P. Scarf

S. Kovalchik, M. Ingram
Estimating the Duration of Professional Tennis Matches with Varying Formats

P. Vidoni, C. Casella
Formula 1 lap time modeling using generalized additive models

L. Parolini, F. Bortolon, L. Schiavon, C. Castiglione
A Markovian approach to Darts

M. Ferrante, G. Fonseca, S. Pontarollo
How long does a tennis game last?

Session 5.B - Rules and fairness. Room: Auditorium - Chair: F. Spieksma

R. Stefani
What Performance Data Tells Us about PEDs in Olympic Athletics and Swimming

Y. Gerchak, E. Khmelnitsky
On Reducing Sequence Effects in Competitions

K. Andreeva
Manager's capacity and limit on foreign players: what influences variation of players in the field?

Tuesday 27 June - 16.00-17.00.

Session 6.A - Analysis of Play and Scheduling. Room: Emiciclo - Chair: D. Goossens

M. Manisera, R. Metulini, P. Zuccolotto
Sensor Analytics in Basketball

J. O'Brien, M. Fichman
Optimal Shot Selection Strategies for the NBA

F. Salassa, F. Della Croce
The Social Doubles Tournament Problem

Session 6.B - Betting. Room Auditorium - Chair: A. Owen

O. Hatfield, J. Tawn, C. Kirkbride, T. Paulden, D. Irons, G. Stirling
Detecting Match-Fixing in Tennis in In-Running Betting Markets

A. Adhikari, R. Saraf, R. Parma
Bowling Strategy building in limited over cricket Match: An application of Statistics

B. Sediva
Identification of Multivariate Outliers: A Study for Hockey and Football Data

Wednesday 28 June - 9.00-10.30

Session 7.A - Ranking. Room: Emiciclo - Chair: G. Fonseca

J. Trono
Applying Occam's Razor to the Prediction of the Final NCAA Men's Basketball Poll

A. Pilkington, P. Coletti
A comparison of the Performance of Google PageRank to other Ranking Systems on the NCAA Basketball Tournament

L. Csato
An impossibility result for sport rankings

A. E. Carrozzo, R. Arboretti, L.Salmaso
Ranking ski courses using permutation methods for multivariate populations

Session 7.B - Modelling and simulation. Room: Auditorium - Chair: G. Tutz

M. de Lorenzo, S. Stylianou, I. Grundy, B. O'Bree
Draw importance in football

L. M. Hvattum, O. D. Saebo
Modelling clubs' financial investment in association football players

A. Groll, T. Kneib, A. Mayr, G. Schauberger
On the Dependency of Soccer Scores - A Sparse Bivariate Poisson Model for the UEFA European Football Championship 2016

P. Marek, F. Vávra
Home Team Advantage in English Premier League

Wednesday 28 June - 11.00-12.30

Session 8.A - Tournaments and scheduling. Room Emiciclo - Chair: R. Koning

E. Lambrechts, A. Ficker, F. Spieksma, D. Goossens
The Circle Method maximizes Carry-over

S. Westphal, M. Dahmen
Avoiding combinatorial clashes for the Champions Hockey League Group Stage Draw

R. C. Chandrasekharan, T. A. Toffolo, T. Wauters
Analysis of a Constructive Matheuristics for the Traveling Umpire Problem

D. Van Bulck, D. Goossens, F. Spieksma
Scheduling an Indoor Football League: a Tabu Search Based Approach

Session 8.B - Modelling and simulation. Room Auditorium - Chair: R. Stefani

T. Toriumi
Compare the superiority of Japanese Collegiate Baseball Leagues

G. Budak, I. Kara, Y. T. ?ç, R. Kasimbeyli
Optimization of Harmony in Team Formation Problem for Sports Clubs: A real life volleyball team application

P. Scarf, R. Parma
On competitive balance and scoring rates in international rugby union

U. Dick, U. Brefeld
Learning to Rate Player Actions on the Example of Soccer

Wednesday 28 June - 15.00-16.00

Session 9.A - Strategy. Room Emiciclo - Chair: F. Lisi

T. Swartz
Tactics for T20 Cricket

P. Brown, A. Patel, P. Bracewell
Optimising a Batting Order in Limited Overs Cricket using Survival Analysis

D. Dagaev, A. Zubanov
Round-Robin Tournaments with Limited Resources

Session 9.B - Performance and data analysis. Room Auditorium - Chair: A. Owen

N. Hirotsu, K. Inoue, M. Yoshimura
An analysis of characteristics of soccer teams using a Markov process model considering the location of the ball on the pitch

A. Artico, M. Bolzan, L. Corain, L. Salmaso
Dynamic Sport Performance Indicators with Application to Italian Basket League

L. Egidi, J. Gabry
Bayesian hierarchical models for predicting individual performance in football (soccer)

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